Meyn Poultry Processing equipment consultants

Hawley Associates are a unique and specialist consultancy with over 30 years experience working at the “sharp end”, solving processing problems for poultry producers both here in the UK and for manufacturers worldwide.


meyn processing equipment
meyn poultry processing equipment

We specialise in all aspects of Meyn poultry processing equipment including:

  • Fully integrated projects
  • New processing factories
  • Existing factory expansions or rationalisation
  • Increasing the profits of existing poultry processors

As fully independent consultants, we can advise on the best solutions to your requirements in an un-biased manner.

We can help you with all aspects of Meyn poultry processing equipment and systems including:

    • Meyn live bird reception & handling systems including drawer systems, crate systems & container systems
    • Meyn High frequency or water bath stunning
    • Meyn single or dual killing systems
    • Meyn Jet stream scalders & JM series pluckers
    • Meyn evisceration including Vent cutter, Opening machine, Fat retention machine, maestro eviscerator, cropping machine, Neck breaker and Final inspection machine
    • Meyn Air chillers and immersion chilling including Spray chilling and Giblet chilling
    • Meyn cut up systems including Compact cut up, Food servicer cup up systemand Physic cut up system.


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